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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I’m not comfortable with paying a deposit, can I pay in cash on the day?

A - I endeavour to make the booking process as easy as possible. I 
Generally ask for a minimum of 50% to be sent through via one of the methods below.

– Beemit (Australian clients), or cardless cash deposits (at a NAB bank ATM machine) are discrete/anonymous options and are instant. OSKO EFT transfer is also an option.

A deposit allows me the peace of mind to secure your appointment, and turn away other clients who enquire for that same time/date. It weeds out fakes, allowing me to ensure that I only interact with genuine clients who are respectful of my time and energy. I am running a business after all. For more detailed information on the Deposit Process, click here.

Q - We have never met before, I have tried to reach you a few times and I haven’t received a reply?

A - Etiquette is extremely important when making a first impression. I do not judge based on physical attributes, race, gender, religion or occupation, however; respect is a desirable quality when I decide on who I will meet.

I will not respond to blunt/inappropriate messages such as “Hi/Hello,” “Hey babe,” “You free now?” “Available?” etc. I am a human being offering an intimate service, and deserve the respect to receive a formal enquiry (it doesn’t have to be an essay). Also if you have all the appropriate information in your first message, it makes it easier for both of us.

Q - I’ve already booked in with you, is it possible to extend our booking on the day?

A - In most cases this shouldn’t be a problem. Feel free to let me know on the day, and make sure you have extra cash on you to cover the extra time.

Q - When will you visit my city?

A - I am passport ready. Feel free to email me expressions of interest and this will definitely influence where I decide to tour in the future. Alternatively fly me to you meets are available - references and full payment are required in advance. For more details you can always head over to my Tours page to see when and where I am traveling to next. Alternatively sign up to my Newsletter to stay abreast of my travels.

Q - If I need to cancel/postpone our meet, what is your policy?

A - I understand that important things can arise which may impact our booking! Deposits are non-refundable unless I have cancelled or there is a situation we both cannot control.

I am happy to credit this deposit for a future meeting if I have adequate notice. I’ll try my best to work with you case by case.

Q - We have met before, but I’ve noticed your rate has increased. Can I still pay the old rate?

A - My rates will be as listed on my ads and website even if we’ve met before. Most of my regular clients have naturally paid my new rates as I’ve increased it over time, it’s a sign of respect which is one big factor when I choose who my clients are. Everyone has been affected by inflation. My business included.

Q - Help! It's my first time.

A - No problem. It's best to let me know you're new to this when making contact. This way I can explain everything, from etiquette of how to conduct yourself during our time together, to what is included. This will help you feel at ease, and so there are no surprises for either of us during our date. You can also read over my Etiquette page for helpful advice.

Q - Do you send selfies?

A - No. Privacy is very important to me, including yours. In this digital age, images can be shared to third parties and uploaded to other platforms. Discretion means a great deal to me, and I pride myself in keeping your confidence also.

Q - Why don't you show your face?

A - Due to the stigma surrounding this profession, not showing my face is my personal choice, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would impact my personal life, and personal time, as well as that of my friends and family. I regularly accompany clients out in social settings, and some of my clientele are public figures. If the general public knew my profession, this would impact my clients lives also, and is a reason that they choose to meet with me, as my privacy also ensures theirs.

Secondly, the invention of FRS or Facial Recognition Software has changed the way each of us lives and interacts with the world. This would affect travel to more conservative destinations, such as The U.S.A, and can also impede upon future professional plans.

I understand that as a client you may have reservations booking a lady who doesn't show her face. In that respect, I ask that you read my testimonials to see what other clients have said about my appearance. I am yet to be turned away from a booking because of what my face looks like. However if that doesn't suit you, I would recommend you book a lady who advertises with her face showing. 

Q - Are your photos real?

A - Yes, I also update my images regularly.


I pride myself in representing a true depiction of the person you will meet. This is from my images through to my written description, all of which has been created personally by me. It is important to me to portray an authentic depiction through my ads and website, to eliminate surprises, and so you may make an informed decision.

Q - Why and how do you screen clients?

A - All clients are screened for my safety and security prior to all bookings being confirmed. Being alone with strangers means we must be on high alert at all times, and safety is paramount.


The best way to screen, is to be polite and courteous when making initial contact, and answering all questions asked of you. The more forthcoming you are, the better.

ALL new clients will be asked to provide screening information. This is non-negotiable, and is to ensure my safety to meet with you. You will be asked for one or more of the following:

- A copy of your photo ID
- References from 2-3 escorts you have seen who have current ad's online

- Links to your Social Media profiles/or your business website, which has your name and mobile number visible/attached to it.


I understand that privacy/discretion is of concern, and am happy to accept proof of ID that you feel comfortable to provide. Please be aware that none of your personal information is retained, or shared with a third party.

Q - What payment methods do you accept?

A - Cash, Beemit, Smart ATM EFT, and Osko Bank transfer.  Please see my deposits page for more. I do not trade services or products in exchange for my service. Those asking will immediately be blocked/ignored, and referred to authorities.

Q - Do you accept gifts?

A - Yes! Please see my gifts page for details.

Pia x

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